What is Nutritional Leverage?

Nutritional leverage is the science of promoting health, adjustment of your body to a correct weight for your frame, muscle tone and an increase in muscle mass, and the ability to address any medical issue by fortifying the body with the full spectrum of biologically active compounds, vitamins, and minerals nature demands. It is based on the fact that:
• The body will heal itself of almost any state of disease or dysfunction given the proper metabolic tools.
• The body will heal more rapidly from an injury—or surgery—given the raw materials needed for the task.
• The body will shed excess fat naturally when in a state of probiosis – a condition that promotes life and health. Conversely, the underweight individual will gain.

The person who employs nutritional leverage can maintain, perhaps even restore his or her body, to a functional state indistinguishable from youth.

Often the human body is referred to as a “machine.” But there is no machine that can heal itself. Even in advanced factories, where a used or burned out part may be mechanically replaced by a robot caretaker, this is not healing. It’s replacement. Humans heal. Molecule by molecule, cell by cell, and organ by organ, there is a complex network of systems that restore function to diseased and injured parts. In the healthy individual, the restoration is, for all intents and purposes, to “factory new.”

When a body is injured, it heals. That healing may be slow, and involve days, weeks, or months of painful rehabilitation. There is ample medical evidence that the person who is healthy heals more quickly. Young people heal in half the time of an older person who heals more rapidly than a geriatric individual. This applies equally well to surgery, as it does to a cut on the finger. “Health” is presumed for the young, and lack of health is presumed for the elderly. But this isn’t necessarily so, as will be discussed in future blog postings.

The body knows when it is not healthy and will work to restore health. Often we put blocks in its path through the introduction of harmful chemicals that impede or distract metabolism. High cholesterol and high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and arterial inflammation, allergies and auto-immune disease, joint and skeletal problems, are all a result of dysbiosis – the biology of the body being out of balance.

In addition to other restorations, when nutritionally healthy, the body rids itself of unwanted fat until it reaches the proper fat content based on environmental factors, lifestyle, and to a small extent, genetics. Further, there will be a leverage effect that sheds the fat at a rate disproportionate to simply burning it off through exercise.

Nutritional leverage can restore balance to allow the body to heal itself, but you, as the thinking part of this alliance, need to provide your body with the full spectrum of biologically active compounds, vitamins, and minerals that nature demands. The most important two words in this phrase are “full spectrum.” This is far beyond anything that can be provided by a supplement, vitamin pill or extract, or any combination of pills and tablets. In fact, most of what you need has not yet been characterized by biologists and medical scientists.

The next important part of the highlighted phrase is “that nature demands.” How can nature demand something that’s provided by a man-made pill or potion? It can’t. The body’s design insists on what nature knows it can find, and those are the substances – the biologically active compounds – that exist in nature and are provided in the combinations and concentrations that ensure balanced nutrition – aka Nutritional Leverage.

So, I invite you to come with me on a journey to better health, proper weight, freedom from disease and the ravages of old age, and just a more fulfilling life. In this blog I will survey the claims of the fadists, the purveyors of every new miracle substance, and evaluate their statements. At the same time, I will give you straight-forward suggestions as to what you might do to get yourself physically in shape, whether you’re motivated by the desire for longevity, or you just want to look good in a bathing suit.

Thank you for joining me.

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